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Peak Climbing in Nepal


“Adrenaline, exciting adventure peak climbing in Nepal Himalaya with wide range of stunning peaks”   


Nepal a beautiful country full of Himalayan wonders with varied exotic and fascinating adventure destination, where your adrenaline dreams are fulfilled with scenic and adventurous climb on lesser snowcapped trekking peaks of Nepal, adding touch of local culture with full support of our expert guides to make your dream turn into reality with views of world highest towering mountains. 

In Nepal different adventurous tourist related activities like trekking, tours, rafting, climbing, bunjee jumping, etc. can be performed. Among them climbing in Nepal is one of the major activities that can be  performed in our country. As there are many peaks in Nepal Climbing, tourist can climb some of the peaks if they want. some of the major peaks  climbing are Yala peak(5732m) , Island peak(6187m) , mera peak(6461m) , etc. Peak climbing like them doesnot require any proper experience in climbing.Peak climbing in Nepal  is one of the fascinating tourist related activities that can be performed in Himalayan region of Nepal. Climbing peaks in Nepal is amazing experience to quins our thirst in the Himalayas. (NMA) Nepal mountaineering Association decides the Himalaya peaks that can be climbed or not. It is responsible to issue permits for short peak climbing in Nepal.Peak climbing in Nepal can be considered as one of the adventurous experience for both new and experienced climbers. 

Life Himalaya Trekking runs and organize various climbing adventure on wide range of Nepal Himalayan trekking peaks, with professional mountain climbing guides and well managed programs, designed to allow you to focus only on climbing and negotiating with concern officials, organizing porters and yaks, arranging flights and transports helping you with the climbing Himalaya of above 5,500 m to 6,400 peak summits.

Nepal Himalaya High Valley, Alpine Pass with trekking Peaks ranges from Far West to Eastern Himalayas offering you staggering traverse and fascinating high valleys to arctic landscapes.

We have set unparalleled trekking peak climb for moderate enthusiast and to extreme adventure loving people, providing with true mountaineering spirits and a chance to conquer your life time adrenaline dreams.

Life Himalaya Trekking operates wide range of trekking peaks around Annapurna-Everest-Langtang-Rolwaling region with lodge and camping facilities on climb.

All our guides are well versed in eco-tourism protecting the pristine environment from destruction maintaining the eco systems, cleaning the mountains trail litters and rubbish by disposing into proper designated rubbish dumping areas.

Our guides are well trained and experienced with medical know-how and First Aid, when problem arises around remote areas with full awareness on safety and emergency evacuation by any means of transportation including Heli service to bring the victim in safe hand to nearest medical care and hospitals.

All peaks listed in our programs are graded to make it easier for you to choose the right adventure as per your physical and mental ability.

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