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Nepal Home Stay Trekking

Nepal home stay trekking is new, unique and different than other trekking trips in Nepal. Home stay trekking gives the more opportunity for trekkers to see and feel the genuine culture, tradition and the life style of the people from remote ares. Home stay trekking directly helps to grow the society of remote area economically and socially. Nepal is not only the land of the Himalayas, it is also the land of the friendly people. so In this Trek you’ll stay in the home of the local people, like you are the part of their family. Nepal home stay Trekking will give you the chance to explore the daily life style of the villagers. you’ll interact  directly with the people of the village. Home stay trip will help you to experience the core Nepali life style and enjoy the ritual activities. As a country of the cultural diversity there are lots of the ethnic groups like Magar, Thakali, Sherpa, Bramin, Chettri, Gurung, Tamang etc. every different ethnic groups have different culture and traditions. So, This trip is the best way of trekking for those who have low budget and want to help the communities of remote areas becoming a part of their family. You can enjoy the biggest festivals like Dasian, Tihar, Mahashibaratri, Lhosar etc during you stay with the fellow villagers. You will get a chance to celebrate with the local by making the local delicious sweets, foods, and alcohol like Raksi, Tongba, Chyaang etc. You can enjoy, feel and experience the love, care and friendliness of the Nepali People by these wonderful home stay trekking.

During your village stay, accommodation is provided with local people at local traditional home. In some places you might get room otherwise you have to sleep with local. There is different accommodation provided in different communities. We recommend you to bring a sleeping bag for your comfortable (optional). At the time of your Nepal home stay you have to live like you are also the part of that community so you eat what they eat, you do what they do. So, you’ll get a chance to taste the typical Nepali foods like Dal, Bhat, Achar, Gundruk, Dhido, Sherpa stew and other fresh vegetables. These foods are the daily food of Nepal and also known as the national food. If you want, you can cook these foods by your own with the help of local peoples.

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